How do I apply?

We ask all applicants to apply online via UCAS Progress. Please register your details and contact us if you would like further information or advice on using this online system.

What happens if Parkside Sixth is oversubscribed?

In the event of oversubscription of CAP students, we will be looking at how well-qualified students are for their chosen course. We will maintain contact with the other sixth form centres within CAP to ensure that you are offered a place on a course in September within the area.

Can I apply for more than one sixth form centre?

Yes. If you do not wish to put Parkside Sixth solely as your first choice, you can apply to other sixth form centres. All sixth form centres that you apply to will receive your UCAS Progress Application and will make a decision to invite you for a discussion about your application.

Is there an interview?

In common with all other centres, we do not select students on the basis of interview. If you apply to Parkside Sixth, and assuming you are predicted to meet our entry requirements, you and your parents/carer will probably be invited to an initial guidance discussion. Here we will discuss the best route for you, including aspects such as IB subject choices and future pathways. This is an opportunity for us to find out about you and for you to ask questions of us.

Will I be able to have a part time job whilst I study?

Yes, you will. However, we ask students to arrange their job part-time job at weekends and during the holidays so that it does not interfere with your learning. We recognise that you may need to earn some extra money to do all the things you enjoy. You may even want to earn some money every week that you put aside for when you go to university or go travelling in your gap year. We find that students cannot work more than eight hours per week without it affecting their studies.

Can I use my laptop in lessons and non-contact periods?

While many students favour a pen and a notebook, increasing numbers of students are bringing their own chromebooks (or other devices) to work on in lessons. We fully support both methods, and encourage students to find the way of classroom learning and organisation which best suits them. We provide wifi access for student’s personal electronic devices in and out of lessons.

Where do Parkside Sixth students come from?

Although Parkside Sixth is a part of Cambridge Academic Partnership, we have a wide range of students. Most of our students come from schools in the Cambridge Area Partnership such as Chesterton, Sawston and Bottisham, while a good number come from other parts of the UK and from abroad.

How do I get to Parkside Sixth?

The Eden Centre and Parkside Campus are served by excellent bus links, which arrive at the Drummer Street bus station in the city centre. Coleridge and Trumpington also can be easily reached by bus. Both campuses are within walking distance of Cambridge Railway Station and there is also ample space for bicycles. There is no parking available for cars or motorcycles.

Will I have to wear uniform?

No, but you will have to have appropriate clothing (appropriate clothing means no, among other things, bare midriffs, torn jeans, hot pants, offensive slogans).You will have to wear a lanyard.

What links will I have with the younger students?

Although Parkside Sixth has its own distinct identity with separate learning and recreation opportunities, it also benefits from its association with Cambridge Academic Partnership. You will have the opportunity to interact with and lead students, ideal for your CAS time.

What ICT facilities are there?

There are computer facilities available at both the Eden Centre, Mitchell Library and J6. You will be able to access the network with your own devices, so please feel free to bring these to lessons to work on. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices to college to work on.

What support and advice will I get for university/job applications?

Your main source of advice will be your learning mentor, who will discuss your future plans with you on a regular basis. Careers resources will be available in the library and common rooms and the Parkside Sixth leadership team are also on hand to give advice. We work closely with local organisations to provide students with aspirational careers education, and information, advice and guidance on university.

Can I do work experience?

IB Diploma students complete a weeks work experience near the end of Year 12, which we will help you in arranging. We encourage you to find opportunities for work experience in your holiday time outside of your learning day and can assist and advise you in finding this. For certain university applications, particularly Medicine, it is imperative that you have work experience in the field and you should seek to set this up as soon as possible.

What do I do if I am absent?

You must follow the absence procedures which are below.


I am a parent; how can I access my son/daughter’s progress report?

Please find our letter to current parents here:

Is there any financial support I can claim to support my studies?

Please see the information here.

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